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Customer Care

Customer Care

SABEL United Co. Company has huge respect for its clients. So, SUC has designed a Consumer Care System in order to study from our clienteles around what we can recover to meet their pleasure. SUC, welcome any demands, ideas or complaints. SUC works on improving all the weakness point, by reading all complains and suggestion and start working on them and our customer care will contact you in less than 72 hours. To know more about our client feedback & Performance evaluation according to our management system ISO-9001-2015.

Client Feedback- 35 QL-OP-35
Performance Evaluation 36 QL-OP-36

Satisfaction Survey

SUC models and grows your feedback regarding our services. We look frontward continually to improving our service and ensure the pleasure of our customers. We kindly wish that you deliver your feedback to our organization so that we can provide you with the best services and communication. Thank you for your concern to improve our services, we look forward to providing you with our best.

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Quality policy

SABEL United Co. Company, main aim is the pleasure of our clients. To have the ability to incessantly offer our best to our clients with the best quality and services, we believe that to control our career, quality and professionalism in all working SUC majors:

  • We are stuck to polices and quality, to succeed excellence by either meeting or greater than our customers’ expectations, and aim for continuous improvement.
  • All staff at SUC are involved in the effective operation of our documented ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.
  • Improving work systems is one of our quality standards. We help this by applying activities and procedures that study and improve such systems. Also, incessant study and analysis to confirm that we absorb more about our industry, its important methods, and developing chances in all company majors of our procedures.
  • teamwork, is worthy and healthy work environment, and safety remain the top precedence requirements of SUC concerning its employees in all of the majors of our company.






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